Sifting through some of the ICA archives today we came accross an exhibition we could only wish we were alive to see in 1968: Cybernetic Serendipity.

The ICA Magazine from September that year has some fantastic articles in it including Nam Jun Paiks Expanded Education for the Paper-less Society, but one that really caught our eyes was Daphne Oram writing about her Graphic Sound Equiptment. Evidently they had wanted to transport the Oramics machine to the exhibition but were unable to and so asked her to write this article.

“Oramics will only attract the composer who feels he has the patience to specify by analogue exactly what he wants – and thats hard work! For those who would rather have the computer do it all for them, there is always the random number table and digital computer – they can then sit back and have music by the mile!

But not for me!

For more info see http://daphneoram.org/oramarchive/


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