ICA Student Forum Blog Re-Launch

Everything May 2011 @ ICA

Hello Everyone,

As the ICA is embarking on a new season of exhibition and will be revealing its brand new architectural face lift 🙂 we are exhited to announce that the Student Forum is planning to give you the best of the best in updates, interviews, and reports on what is going at the Institute, its multitude of events, screenings, lectures, and, of course, exhibitions LIVE on this blog! We are also happy to share some of our thoughts and ideas for the past, present and upcoming EVERYTHING programmes of live art, screenings and DJs and Karaoke that have become a regular feature at the ICA Bar on bi-weekly basis!

We would also like to formally announce a launch of a completely new event based around the notion of low-tech, experience oriented practice that would explore the work of artists who attempt to address performance, dance, film, and other media in unconventional ways that resist static documentation and object production and are rather oriented on individual experience within a community, be it museum or a larger sphere, and on a unique basis. We will be offering one-off interactive workshops and discussions with artists, performance participants, philosophers, writers, thinkers, and other students just like you in order to expand the staid pedagogic structure into a fluid conversational and collaborative atmosphere.

Please check back often and feel free to drop us a line of feedback, thoughts, rants, and anything you might like to see happening at the ICA – in virtual space and beyond!

Much love,

Student Forum Team

For updates on the latest ICA event photos and to see if your lovely face partaking in culture NOW, please visit  our Flickr stream:
ICA London Flickr


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