What we need to understand is where we are. Firstly, we are who we are, and whilst it is crucial to understand and obviously be influenced by what has gone before, we must understand that we can make ourselves anything we want to.
We are at a point where something can be done. We have merely accepted for too long. After ‘modern’, post ‘post-modern’, following every movement of the 20th century that we all know so well, I truly believe that something from within us, us meaning you reading this right now, can do something that will instigate change. I am not writing this as a societal call to arms, only as a call to ourselves. It is only us as individuals that can lead, that can inspire others to follow suit. Lets wake up. However you implement it, however you find it necessary to act; act upon it. Fuck thinking about it, fuck discussion, fuck discourse. If you have a thought or an idea, please, for the sake of all of us, accomplish and achieve.



Thomas Shickle


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